Other Stuff


I donate regularly to educational, hunger prevention, and various civil liberties organizations. The Red Cross gets donations to help in major disaster relief.


I enjoy the results of gardening, but not the process. There is great peace for me to look at flowers in planters on the deck or perennials in the gardens around the house.


I have done quite a lot of genealogical research, posted on Ancestry.com. and might provide some links to it all when I get around to it.

Most of my family came to North America from Great Britain during the 1600s and 1700s, living in Massachusetts, Maine, and Block Island.

I have some royal ancestors. That gains me nothing.


When I was younger I focussed on science, math, information technology, and practical stuff. Retirement has opened-up time for me to learn about those things I missed in the Humanities. The Great Courses are a really good resource.

I still keep-up with science news and can actually understand some of it.


Early in my life I learned how to read music and play basic piano. I hated my teacher and gave that up.

When my great-uncle Frank died, I inherited his tenor banjo. Taking lessons from Perry Bechtel, one of the great players, taught me about fretted instruments.

When my job gave me a large overtime pay check, I took the plunge and bought a Martin D-18. That became my main instrument, mainly for folk music.

I later learned some basic applied music theory and picked-up electric guitar, mainly blues.

Now I’m way out of practice, although I have mastered the CD and MP3 players.

I also experimented with computer-driven electronic music. Although I don’t do that anymore, here are some MP3 samples of what I did:


Although I loathe partisan politics, it’s vital to be aware of it. Otherwise, it’s too easy to become an apathetic couch potato.

I characterize my politics as socially very liberal, economically libertarian-ish, and unsanctimonious. That is, I am an outspoken moderate.

For now, I vote only for Democratic Party candidates. The Republican Party currently has an agenda that would harm me, my family, the majority of my friends, and many other people who I care about. I will not vote for anybody allied with such a noxious platform.

I occasionally donate to political campaigns, but not if they nag me for more.

I am too pragmatic to support third-party candidates.


I am a Celtic Neo-Pagan with Discordian tendencies and Pastafarian sympathies. Ganesha dominates my right leg, however.

I am an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and hold a Doctor of Divinity Degree from them.


I have eleven tattoos:

  • The Elements:
    • Fire (Ka): A salamander on my left shoulder and a flaming sword on my left forearm
    • Earth (Chi): A mushroom patch on my left breast
    • Air (Fū): Kokopelli on my right shoulder and the central design of the tarot Ace of Wands on my right forearm
    • Water (Sui): A pair of fish forming a ying-yang on my upper back.
    • Spirit (Kū): A bind rune on my right breast
  • Ganesha, with Mushika attending, on my right leg.
  • Triple Goddess Labyrinth spiral on my left calf.
  • cheeky attitude in an appropriate spot.

I may get more.


I am retired and no longer open to any paid work opportunities.

My employment included Grady Hospital, Shared Medical Systems, Siemens, Grok-A-Lot LLC, and Security Risk Solutions.

More to come…