Other Stuff


I donate regularly to educational, hunger prevention, and various civil liberties organizations. The Red Cross gets donations to help in major disaster relief.

I also make micro-loans via Kiva.


I enjoy the results of gardening, but not the process. There is great peace for me to look at flowers and perennials in the gardens around our home.


I have done quite a lot of genealogical research, posted on Ancestry.com. and might provide some links to it all when I get around to it.

Most of my family came to North America from Great Britain during the 1600s and 1700s, living in Massachusetts, Maine, and Block Island.

I have some royal and noble ancestors. This gains me nothing.


When I was younger I focussed on science, math, information technology, and practical stuff. Retirement has opened-up time for me to learn about those things I missed in the Humanities. The Great Courses are a really good resource.

I still keep-up with science news and can actually understand some of it.


Early in my life I learned how to read music and play basic piano. I hated my teacher and gave that up.

I inherited a tenor banjo. Taking lessons from Perry Bechtel, one of the great players, taught me about fretted instruments.

Once employed, I bought an acoustic guitar. That became my main instrument, self taught. I later took lessons and learned some basic applied music theory on electric guitar. Now I’m way out of practice.

Although I don’t do it anymore, I did experiment with computer-driven electronic music. Here are some MP3 samples of what I did:


I loathe partisan politics, but am painfully aware of it, not being an apathetic couch potato.

My political stance is socially liberal, economically libertarian-ish, and unsanctimonious. That is, I am a kind-hearted capitalist who freely speaks his mind.

For now, I vote only for Democratic Party candidates. The Republican Party currently has an agenda that would harm me, my family, the majority of my friends, and many other people who I care about. I will not vote for anybody allied with such a noxious platform.

I occasionally donate to political campaigns, but not if they nag me for more.

I am too pragmatic to support third-party candidates.


I am a Celtic Neo-Pagan with Discordian tendencies and Pastafarian sympathies. Ganesha dominates my right leg, however.

I am an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and hold a Doctor of Divinity Degree from them. Just to cover more bases, I am also a Dudeist priest.


  • Gun Control, take #1: I enjoy target shooting and am a fairly good shot, so that is gun control in a sense.
  • Gun Control, take #2: There are no guns in my home now. The idea of protecting oneself with a firearm, and the skills and presence of mind required for it, are beyond me.


I have eleven tattoos:

I may get more.


I am retired and no longer open to any paid work opportunities.

My employment included Grady Hospital, Shared Medical Systems, Siemens, Grok-A-Lot LLC, and Security Risk Solutions.

More to come…