Social Media

I only have a few social media accounts, lest I spend too much time and attention away from more important things.

If my posts offend you, it’s just meant to be. Live with it or block me.


My Facebook Page

With few exceptions:

  • If I’ve friended you, it means we know each other or have more than two friends in common.
  • If I’ve never friended you, it means that we have no ongoing relationship or I don’t know you.
  • If I’ve unfriended you, it means you are inactive or we no longer have an ongoing relationship.
  • If I’ve blocked you, you have seriously annoyed me.

My rules:

  • I am socially very liberal, fiscally libertarian-ish, often cynical or impertinent, and have zero tolerance for spam, bigotry, and junk science.
  • It is not unusual for me to post satire. I appreciate people’s critical thinking skills and, failing that, schadenfreude.
  • I reserve the right to delete comments that are non-constructive, off-topic, ad hominem negativity, or in poor taste. Debate is fine, disagreeableness is not.
  • I accept friend requests only if we know each other in real life or have at least three friends in common. There are few exceptions.
  • I ignore “share this if…” or similar things.


These are my other social media accounts: